Our experience in the mining business is marked by
a pedigree of over 40 years
Our experience in the mining business is marked by a pedigree of over 40 years

Our Mining Operations

Overview : DTC has selected to grow its presence in Jharkhand, the most mineral-rich state of India. The mining business is conducted through its sister concern – Rajmahal Quartz Sand & Kaolin Co. (accredited with ISO 9001:2008). It is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of Kaolin in Eastern India. We mainly focus on mining, processing, and beneficiating four principle products— China clay and silica sand, and Graphite.

Technology: DTC has invested in heavy chain-mounted excavators and their transportation is done by high-capacity dumpers, an integral part of our commitment to environmental conservation. GPS surveys are used to indicate optimal locations for conducting mining activities. The processing unit has been fully automated to deliver qualitative consistency.

Customers: DTC addresses a broad customer base comprising Bokaro Steel Plant, Heavy Engineering Corporation, Electrosteel Castings Limited, Bharat Heavy Electricals, Aditya Birla Insulators, Insulators & Electricals and Hindustan Sanitaryware.

Factory and mines: Rajmahal, Manghalhat Hills, District Sahibgunj, Jharkhand.

Mines: Rajmahal Quartz Sand (RQS) operates two mines spread over areas of 10, 80,000 square feet and 26, 06,400 square feet respectively in Jharkhand.

Factory: RQS processes the material received from its mines at its unit to beneficate and adds value to the product. Through its automated process, RQS has been able to provide high-grade China Clay and Silica Sand as per the requirement and specifications of its customer.

Applications: China clay is used in the manufacture of ceramic and pottery; the white variety is used in glazing. Silica sand is used in the iron and steel and glass sectors as it provides SiO2 for glass formulation.

Product mix: RQS produces silica Sand, customised according to the grain size requirements of customers, making it the sole entity to do so. The highly durable china clay enhances end-product strength resulting in premium realizations.

Capacity: The Company is optimistic about increasing the capacity from the present 1,00,000 tonnes to 1,50,000 tonnes, annually.

Customers: RQS' principal longstanding silica customer is Bokaro Steel Plant; recently RQS bagged an order from Bhilai Steel Plant. RQS is the sole supplier of china clay to prominent pottery and insulator users pan-India.

Mines: Mahugain, Tulbula, District Bishrampur, Jharkhand.

Nature of mines: It is in partnership with Jharkhand State Mineral Development Corporation.

Applications: Due to stability at high temperatures and chemical inertness, graphite is used in the production of refractory bricks and the production of 'Mag-carbon' refractory bricks (Mg-C). Graphite is also used to manufacture crucibles, ladles and moulds containing molten metal. It enjoys an extended demand in the nuclear, electrical and stationery sectors.

Quality: DTC is planning to invest in world-class technologies to further beneficiate the graphite quality. It intends to make graphite with a purity of 99.9% from its unit.

Value-addition: DTC intends to enhance the value-addition of materials to address the demanding needs of customers.

Category: DTC mines have been classified as A-grade by Jharkhand Mineral Development Corporation, validating their superior mineral quality. The mines are equipped with two high-quality ores - amorphous and flaky, with a high percentage of recovery from the ores.

Capacity: DTC plans to invest a considerable amount to modernize the mines and construct a processing unit (200,000 TPA) to enhance extracted material from the mines.