Our Chairman

Mr. Satyanarayan Jalan

Founder and Chairman, DTC Securities Private Limited

Our Chairman

At DTC Securities Private Limited the robustiness of our business model is derived from a singular focus.

Focus on what customers need, where they need it, how they need it and when they need it.

Over the years, we have proactively investedour business with cutting-edge technologies, people recruitment. operating culture and quality standards.

The result is that we have created a DTC that puts customers first.

  • A DTC that endeavours to build the best products.
  • A DTC where we pursue relationships and not transactions.
  • A DTC where we delight customers through sevice.
  • A DTC where we deliver on time.
  • A DTC where we have extended from product delivery to holistic solution.

Through these initiatives, DTC expects to engage in responsible nation-building that widens prosperity for customers and communities across the country.