Operating culture/Our values

At DTC, we bring the best of a modern mindset to conventional businesses.

The result is a new way of doing things, translating into enhanced quality, productivity and efficiency. The result is that we enjoy the respect of our peers, customers and government agencies for being credible, professional, dependable, responsible and forward-looking.

Our business approach is marked by attention to detail, entrepreneurship cum conservatism, measured and sustainable growth, timely delivery, enduring customer engagement and a growing share of the customer's spending.


DTC has demonstrated a culture of proactive flexibility and responsiveness across the last four decades, evolving its personality in line with the changing economic environment (pre-reforms to liberalization).

DTC has invested in relevant modern-day technologies, training, certifications, managerial benchmarking, systems and processes, emerging as a forward-looking proxy of whichever business it has engaged in.


An emphasis on identifying and mitigating the impacts of core business practices and an ardent desire to help the most vulnerable are part of the DTC ethos.


DTC is engaged in community-strengthening initiatives like afforestation, water recycling and purification, prioritising the need to protect the ecology in line with regulatory, moral and social requirements.

Service and relationships

For most organisations, customer service is an afterthought. But not so at DTC, customers to be one of our most valuable resources: their feedback is integral to shaping our product and building our brand. By personalising our communication, listening to our customers' needs and expectations, and responding quickly we forge lasting relations built on trust.


Innovation and structural changes are necessary to survive the current volatile commodity markets. Consequently, DTC has channelised progressive investments in a bid to usher in contemporary mechanisation thereby helping accelerate customer service, moderate environment impact and reduce costs.


DTC is a sensitive employer that progressively invested in safety equipment, processes and practices to make its operations safe for its workers, community and customers. DTC's working is driven by a culture of continuous training and alignment with standard operating process guidelines resulting in a consistent zero-accident status for years.