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DTC is engaged in the business of strengthening India's water supply.

The Company's vision is to be a responsible supplier of safe and clean drinking water.

DTC is engaged in laying ductile iron pipes in Western and Southern India for government and private customers, leveraging its rich water distribution experience.

Our competence in this challenging business comprises an understanding of terrain realities, cultural nuances and logistical complexity. Over the years, DTC has demonstrated an ability to work around challenges and deliver projects on schedule (some ahead of schedule) to the complete satisfaction of its customer and community.

We have ensured the product quality and technical assistance through tie-up with Electro Steel Casting Ltd. in the South, Tamil Nadu.

The Company is aggressively moving forward to set up its projects in the western regions, ensuring better and new tie-ups for the perpetual quality maintenance and service rendered thereby.

Further, DTC intends to bid for new end-to-end water projects, specializing in sourcing, purifying, storing and distribution of river water to each and every household in the near future.